Utah Patent Applications Update – Applications Published on 9-20-07

The following patent applications, with Utah inventors or assigned to Utah companies, were published on September 20, 2007 at the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. A party wishing to submit prior art for consideration in examination of the application may file the prior art within two months of the publication date pursuant to 37 C.F.R. 1.99.

Application No. Title Inventors Assignee
Architectual Methods
20070215785 System for vertically forming concrete panels William Brent Baker, Heber, UT; David McKay Balls, Oakley, UT; Daniel M. Balls, Oakley, UT; Clyde D. Allen, Highland, UT
20070216108 Composite seals, seal structures and related methods Daniel K. Zitting, St. George, UT; Tadd M. McBride, Riverton, UT; A. Todd Hagen, Murray, UT
Biotech/ Pharmaceutical
20070218021 Non-irritating sunscreen composition Richard Wells, Salt Lake City, UT AZUR SKIN INTERNATIONAL, Hidden Hills, CA
20070218111 Strontium compositions for bones Joel Ehrenkranz, Salt Lake City, UT; Nathalie Chevreau, Salt Lake City, UT; Cade Walker, Salt Lake City, UT Western Holdings, LLC, Casper, WY
20070218146 Lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase inhibition Afa Kehaati Palu, American Fork, UT; Claude Jarake Jensen, Cedar Hills, UT; Mian Ying Wang, Rockford, IL; Bing-Nan Zhou, Sandy, UT; Stephen Story, Alpine, UT
20070218153 Palliative Effects of Morinda Citrifolia Oil and Juice Claude Jarakae Jensen, Cedar Hills, UT; Jonathan William Fritz, Orem, UT
20070219363 Chelating Compound for Drug Delivery Vladimir G. Budker, Middleton, WI; Jon A. Wolff, Madison, WI; Sean D. Monahan, Mazomanie, WI; Paul M. Slattum, Salt Lake City, UT; James E. Hagstrom, Middleton, WI; Vladimir Trubetskoy, Middleton, WI; Tatyana Budker, US
Chemistry/ Materials
20070214913 Functionally graded cemented tungsten carbide Fang; Zhigang Zak Fang, Salt Lake City, UT
20070217738 System and method to remove light from cladding Jesse Anderegg, Layton, UT; Stephen John Brosnan, San Pedro, CA; Peter Anthony Thielen, Cerritos, CA Northrop Grumman Corporation
Computer Hardware/ Eletronics
20070215659 Connector for portable devices and methods for using the same Christopher J. Knapp, Murray, UT; Jon McBride, Kaysville, UT
Computer Software/ Methods
20070219866 Passive Shopper Identification Systems Utilized to Optimize Advertising Robert Wolf, Sandy, UT; Robert Brazell, Salt Lake City, UT
20070219964 Query system using iterative grouping and narrowing of query results John S. Cannon, American Fork, UT; Shashidhar Rampally, Pleasant Grove, UT
20070219997 Method for dynamically distributing items for changes based on group membership Christopher Jean Seiler, Pleasant Grove, UT; Bryan Cardoza, Payson, UT; Bruce T. Cragun, Orem, UT; K. Michael Mahoney, Midway, UT NOVELL, INC., Provo, UT
20070220029 System and method for hierarchical storage management using shadow volumes Richard Duane Jones, Elk Ridge, UT; Dana M. Henriksen, Lindon, UT NOVELL, INC., Provo, UT
20070220033 System and method for providing simple and compound indexes for XML files Daniel Sanders, Orem, UT Novell, Inc., Provo, UT
20070220152 System and method for providing advanced reservations in a compute environment David B. Jackson, Spanish Fork, UT
20070220278 Systems and methods for distributing, obtaining and using digital media files Michael L. Nixon, Spanish Fork, UT Wherever Media, Inc., Orem, UT
20070220396 Error correction code striping George Paul Jackson, West Haven, UT FUJIFILM Microdisks USA Inc.
20070220420 System and method for efficient maintenance of indexes for XML files Daniel Sanders, Orem, UT Novell, Inc., Provo, UT
20070220602 Methods and Systems for Comprehensive Management of Internet and Computer Network Security Threats Ray Ricks, Park City, UT; Wayne Varga, South Jordan, UT
Mechanical Device
20070216114 Snow Machine Ski Verlin M. Simmons, Providence, UT; Val J. Simmons, Providence, UT
20070216146 Airbag cushions with optional venting for out-of-position conditions Jeffrey D. Williams, Roy, UT; Larry D. Rose, South Weber, UT; Bradley W. Smith, Plain City, UT; Michael P. Jordan, South Weber, UT; Patrick D. Jamison, North Ogden, UT
Medical Products
20070219467 Torque device for a medical guidewire Timothy W.I. Clark, Philadelphia, PA; Greg McArthur, Sandy, UT; William Padilla, Sandy, UT MERIT MEDICAL SYSTEMS, INC., South Jordan, UT
20070219527 Catheter including a catheter valve, method of at least partially coating a catheter valve surface, and an apparatus for at least partially opening a catheter valve William R. Barron, Riverton, UT
20070219552 Spine distraction implant and method James F. Zucherman, San Francisco, CA; Ken Y. Hsu, San Francisco, CA; T. Wade Fallin, Hyde Park, UT; Henry A. Klyce, Piedmont, CA
20070219824 System and method for identifying and analyzing patterns or aberrations in healthcare claims Jean Rawlings, Roy, UT; Jonathan B. Arthur, Hudson, WI; David R. Anderson, Chaska, MN
20070214899 Sampling ports and related container systems Michael E. Goodwin, Logan, UT
20070214972 Roller die press Gerry Ayala, Provo, UT; Michael Horito, Provo, UT; Tyler Allan, Springville, UT
20070215355 Methods of Treating Wellbores with Recyclable Fluids Alexander Shapovalov, Lafayette, LA; Alejandro Pena, Ciudad Ojeda, VE; Bernhard Lungwitz, Vernal, UT; Rene Schuurman, Houston, TX
20070215375 Cable storage device Robin Peng, South Jordan, UT
20070215518 Systems and Methods for Remotely Determining and Changing Cutting Modes During Decoking Ruben F. Lah, West Jordan, UT
20070220012 Providing Notice of Provisional Patent Rights John W. Ogilvie, Salt Lake City, UT
Recreational Products
20070215699 Method and apparatus for customization and dispensing customized plastic cards John Arego, Sandy, UT; Keith Guevara, Salt Lake City, UT; Christopher McGee, Draper, UT; Jared Smart, Draper, UT; Bret Warnick, Draper, UT; Dave Boswell, West Bountiful, UT NBO Systems, Inc.
20070219025 Method, apparatus, and system for teaching a person neuromusculoskeletal motor patterns Mark J. Aberton, Salt Lake City, UT; Laura J. Aberton, Salt Lake City, UT

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